I’ve been asked a couple of times which MMFF 2012 entry would I watch first on Christmas Day. And to answer that, I came up with this post! If you can’t decide what to watch first on MMFF, then you might want to consider my guide. Feel free to join me on this so- MMFF Itinerary for whatever reason you may like below.

1.) Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion –  We love horror! Although this seems to be more of ‘Comedy Horror’ with the Unwanted and Pamana Episodes. Yes! Chito Rono despite his taste for macabre and horror has a good sense of humor. It’s nice to have some equal share of fear and laughter plus a bunch of surprises to Regal’s 14th SRR installment.

2.) Thy Womb – We’ve seen it! It’s so beautiful we will watch it again. Read our review!

3.)The Strangers – Again, we love horror! The plot might feel eerily familiar but the unique set of characters, rural setting and – from the trailer – acting makes up to it. Crosses fingers!

4.) Sisterakas – Okay. Why on number 4? Probably by this point of time I’ll be needing some mindless fun.This is a necessary break because the three aforementioned films are going to be hard to critic (given I’m a pa-critic. lol) or reviewed nevertheless I think they’re all worthwhile. As for this film, well this is a Wenn Deramas movie so I feel no pressure reviewing this at all and it’s just for fun! In case you needed another reason, maybe I could say, I’m watching Sisterakas because of Kris Aquino. I mean, Kris Aquino is the most interesting Filipino. She’s annulled. She’s a natural comedian. Kris Aquino is Kris Aquino. Therefore she’s interesting. Give it a chance you indie hipster, Sisterakas couldn’t get worse than a Kris Aquino horror movie or her rubadabango commercial.

5.) El Presidente – Let me start by saying, I loved every bit of the trailer and I don’t always get to see epic historical films.  I’ve heard people say “Why watch a historical film when you get that a lot in history class?”. And here’s what I have to say. History is class is boring and watch movie adaptations of stories with historical backbone is the only ‘feel-good’ if not the most entertaining way of educating yourself. The trailer is very promising but ER Ejercito looks unconvincingly 29 as the youngest Philippine President, Emilio Aguinaldo.

6.) One More Try – It’s quite promising for me. The two angels are the only two reasons why this is on the sixth spot. And don’t get me started by saying ‘it’s story is something new’ because you seriously need to check the Chinese movie ‘In Love We Trust‘.

7.) Sosy Problems – We are not conyo you know but this movie is. Like, we’re gonna make nood this coz the concept seems promising. It doesn’t appeal to the masa people coz its recommended for alta sa ciudads! But seriously though I heard the director had troubles finishing the movie.

8.) Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Ako – This is a sure box office top grosser. Filipinos still like watching old people donning superhero costumes. Why would I watch something others would watch first? Besides, I’ve had enough of this never ending franchise. O.o

After years I’ve grown tired judging a film from its plot. For now, I can do with impressions! And among the entries, Shake Rattle and Roll 14 goes first on my list. 🙂