It’s gonna take a few more months before the movie I anticipated to come out this year gets released. And obviously, with the year ending, Erik Matti’s OTJ Movie (previously entitled On The Job training) is going to be released next year! The good news is that finally the cameras have started to roll for this one of a kind action film.

And I know if there’s anyone who would be very happy about that development it’s the director himself, Director Erik Matti. And just before the first shooting day of OTJ, Erik Matti shared the 3 year journey the film took before it was given a green signal. From desire to reality, here is the director’s notes on the OJT or OTJ story:

Erik Matti

It was almost three years ago when I did a teaser for a movie I wanted to make. The reason for shooting the teaser without any producer or any written script on the material was to just get it out of my system.

I asked a couple of my usual staff in advertising, borrowed two cameras for a day, casted Joel Torre and his nephew Andre, wrote a three-page script overnight and decided to shoot the teaser in one secluded street in Binondo that we closed down for a day.After the edit, I attached it to the premiere of my movie in CCP, The Arrival, as an opening trailer. At the end of the teaser, I labeled it, COMING SOON PAG MAY PERA NA.

Cut to almost three years later and we are set to shoot the first day of ON THE JOB tomorrow, Monday, November 19, 2012.

After eight drafts of the script co-written by Michiko and I, it was tough looking for a producer to bankroll the movie. Maybe because of the action genre, the sex and the violence or just by its scope and size that’s rarely done in local cinema nowadays.

After several attempts at getting international funding which failed and several talks with different independent producers to pool some money to get it off the ground, I am so lucky to have found a home for OTJ (it’s new working title) through a partnership with Star Cinema and our company Reality Entertainment.

I couldn’t wish for a much better support than what we have now. Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Joel Torre and Joey Marquez head the movie with an ensemble of supporting roles that’s just to die for. Vivian Velez, Michael De Mesa, Leo Martinez, Angel Aquino, William Martinez, Lito Pimentel, Shaina Magdayao, Rayver Cruz to name a few.

2012 marks the year that OTJ is finally born. I’m excited for tomorrow.

From that, I’d say we’re up to something big next year. When director Erik Matti returned from a 3 year hiatus from movies he returned with one goal and that is to revive what was once lost – Pinoy actions films! “And bold too!” added Matti over Facebook. Kudos to direk Erik Matti, good luck to the actors and everyone involved in the movie and I never thought I’d say this but hands down Star Cinema!