Of all the Shake Rattle and Roll movies I think the 10th installment (SRR X) was ‘better than the rest‘ with three equally good episodes (Emergency, Class Picture and Nieves). Others are almost there but an episode or two would always ruin its totality. I have to tell you though that I didn’t like the 9th and 11th installments. However, in every Shake Rattle and Roll movie, there’s one episode that is going to be (for the lack of better word) a ‘crowd favorite’ just like LRT, Nieves, Punerarya and Parola to name a few.

And with Shake Rattle and Roll 14 The Invasion coming this Christmas, it is very likely that there’s one among the three ‘quite promising episodes’ that’s going to get to our list of best SRR episodes if not best Filipino horror movies.

For days now I have been keeping an eye on the three episodes and among the three, Ricky Lee’s Pamana is the most interesting. I maybe a fan of zombies but certainly not ‘The Talking Dead‘ and I was never a fan of aliens.

The Invasion’s Pamana episode penned by the award-winning Ricky Lee.

Here’s the plot of Pamana episode:

srr 14

Pamana is about a writer who died unhappy because the Filipino people underestimates if not hate Filipino horror movies and our own monsters. When he died he gave away all of his money and an heirloom comics to his relatives. But together with the comics he is also giving away the monsters he created in it.

Also check out the PAMANA Teaser! 🙂

From the way it looks, Pamana is going to be a horror comedy and might be inspired by Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods by featuring a lot of monsters in one and hopefully by poking fun on the Filipino horror genre. I’m really keeping an eye on this episode mainly because it’s gonna take us back into time. Not that it has anything to do with time travel. No! I don’t see that coming but from the way the characters are dressed in the teaser, looks like the story is set in the late 80’s or the early 90’s perhaps. Aside from that, it stars the three pillars of the Shake, Rattle & Roll franchise – Herbert Bautista, Janice De Belen and Arlene Muhlach.

I wonder if all the episodes are going to be linked to each other! Are you excited for PAMANA and the rest of Shake Rattle and Roll 14 The Invasion episodes?