Fresh from the critical success of Thy Womb, the internationally acclaimed director Brillante Ma Mendoza is prepping for his horror thriller entitled Sapi which stars Dennis Trillo, Meryl Soriano and Baron Geisler. Produced by Solar Entertainment the producers of Wapakman in 2009 comes ‘SAPI’, the first of the 5 movie deal between Solar and Mendoza.

The movie, Sapi, will revolve around a group of filmmakers as they set out to make a film about exorcism in the Philippines. Shooting has already begun and reports says that the actors were suggested (or requested) to first visit a church before going to the shoot. Here’s what actor Dennis Trillo shared when asked if he’s ready for the movie.

“Kinakabahan. Kasi kung mahina-hina ka spiritually, baka ikaw ang sapian o baka sumama sa ‘yo. “Pero sabi naman ni Direk, bago kami tumahak doon, magsisimba kami, may blessing.”

This is one interesting film I must say and risky too! We don’t know exactly what would happen during the shoot but Trillo’s statement suggests that they’re actually going somewhere where an actual ‘possession’ may happen. And that intensifies the realism Mendoza would put on to this horror movie.  And although I hope not, there’s a possibility that they might actually get inside the movie they’re trying to make. Oh God that is scary!

And when you come to think of it, it’s really scary to just think of these possessions that’s been happening around in the country. The most recent one I guess happened here in Davao where 20 students were possessed because three Talisay trees inhabited by evil spirits were cut down to give way to the construction of a new school building.

Demonic possessions are scarier here in the Philippines!

I’ll be surprised if director Brillante Mendoza won’t use shaky hand-held on this mockumentary. I mean, the plot and the material calls for that indie film element but I hope Sapi won’t cause anyone to have vertigo. Here’s hoping for the best to Mendoza’s upcoming film and God Bless to everyone involved in the filmmaking. O__O

Source: Dengel