Gone are the days were the male are usually the boss and the female character gets to be the secretary or personal assistant. In a workplace mostly filled by estrogen and testrogen (you know what I mean) it’s not surprising to have a lady boss. And that’s what Jade Castro’s My Lady Boss movie promises to explore.

The psyche of women on top of the corporate ladder and how her mere existence would inflict inferiority complex to her male employees and boost the estrogen for women empowerment. Well, I hope so! But since this is a romantic comedy set for Valentines let’s not go deeper into what the concept should (at least) incorporate to the film.

In front of My Lady Boss is a love story. A love story that could be better than a tiring sequel or a tried-and-tested romance film about second chances. My Lady Boss is also a  film that greatly appeals to the call center generation only for its corporate setting and corporate slavery elements. lol

Anyway, the movie is starring Marian Rivera, Richard Gutierrez, Sandy Andolong, Dion Ignacio, Rocco Nacino, Ruru, and Kathleen Hermosa. My Lady Boss is a co-production of Regal Films and GMA Films. Showing this Valentines 2013!