Zombadings’ dark and risque humor earned a place on top lists of Filipino movies back in 2011. It also earned a special place in our hearts with its campy-ness and Mart Escudero’s brilliant performance. Read our Zombareview here!

A year later and the director of the commercially successful and generally well-received indie film Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington, Jade Castro, confirms he and his team Origin8 Media are already planning for the sequel.

“We have no target date for the showing[…]”That’s what we can do that the major studios can’t: take our time.” Director Jade Castro says in an interview with Rappler.com about ‘Prioritizing The Story

No casting news yet but since the addition of the number ‘1’ in the Zombading title suggests that Zombading 2: Might-Have-A-New-Title-Here then there’s a possibility that we might not see the same cast again for the sequel. In as much as I’d like to see Remington again I believe his case with gay people (which was the central idea of the story) has already been resolved in Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington.

But as how Jade Castro would put it, the making of Zombadings has been about balancing things “in terms of making the movie politically incorrect and, at the same, adding comedy and horror to the story. ”

That means they can always deviate to the message they have successfully relayed in the first film as long as they do the same kind of balancing which worked for Zombadings 1. I personally think there’s no need for that message to be reiterated in the sequel because it’s simply no longer necessary. We can let Vice Ganda do the campaign against ‘discrimination’ with his films along with a federation supporting gay stereotypes in movies to empower the homosexuals. But not this really good material!


Zombadings 2 Movie

Then finally they can concentrate on the titular creatures of this comedy horror film – the zombies!

That move will however lead us to arguments about ‘How would Badings in Zombadings make sense if there’s no pro-gay message in the sequel’ and ‘How will they get the humor across without empowering gays?’. It also goes back to questions the film left us like ‘What exactly happened to Pops (Roderick Paulate)?’ ,’Why the hell are the Zombadings making the town Zombreros? They suddenly turned into harmless zombies eh?’ and ‘How exactly will the ‘Zombadings’ resurface to the ground without Pops or his assistant summoning them?’.

If these can’t be answered then maybe they can push through with an entirely different story. But if they wanted to bring everyone back, then maybe they can underwhelm the pro-gay message and make use of Ernesto Manansala’s (Nicco Manalo) nerd character to use his obsession in science that will give birth to his new invention, a revamped and bigger gaydar, that does not only detect dead gay men but bring them back to life. Thus, Zombadings 2 arriving in theaters soon! Chos. What a suggestion. Hahaha

Either way, I’m sure they’ll prioritize the story!

What do you think?