Every year Star Cinema makes sure people are going to flock theaters with their Valentines offering. Usually, they tap tested-and-proven love teams and formulas on their Valentines movies until the years 2010 and 2011 where their supposed Valentines films ‘Forever and A Day’ and ‘Catch Me…I’m in Love’ got moved to a later date.

And starting anew in 2012, they brought us a commercially and critically acclaimed John Lloyd and Angel Locsin movie entitled UnOfficially Yours. Since then I thought they are going to get box office director Cathy Garcia-Molina to do their Valentines day project but this year’s Month of Love offering is different. I was right though when I thought they’re going to team up new movie love teams since last year’s UnOfficially Yours was the first ever team up of the lead actors.

This time around, they have Coco Martin and Julia Montes which will pair-bond first time in the big screen. Star Cinema’s 2013 Valentines movie presentation is ‘A Moment in Time’ which will take us to a different setting.

Usually, Star Cinema has Rory B. Quintos to direct romance or drama films shot abroad. Her last three films, Suddenly It’s Magic (Thailand),  Love Me Again (Land Down Under – Australia) ,  Dubai (need i say more?). However, and recently they have also brought us to other countries via their films ‘In the Name of Love’ (Japan, Lamasan) and ‘Kimmy Dora 2′(Korea, Bernal). But these are commercially successful and acclaimed directors and who do they have behind A Moment in Time? A first time commercial movie director – Emmanuel Palo (Sta. Nina).

I mean no personal offense to the director, in fact I did my research and he is an accomplished TV director. This observation is actually a hats off to Star Cinema for the courage of giving new talents a big break in commercial filmmaking. Thus, taking the romance of A Moment in Time and its audience to the scenic Amsterdam which gives people the impression this is a big-budgeted romance drama. I hope so.

On the side are still cliched characters as seen in the teaser. We have the female lead’s best of friends (PBB Teen Edition Big winners, twins Joi and Jai) who brings support, comfort and advice to a brokenhearted Jillian (Julia Montes). We also have an overprotective mother (Cherie Gil) who delivers a reserved but biting remark to Patrick (Coco Martin). But then, I think this is a romance drama to look forward to since Star Cinema left us a with a good Valentines movie in 2012. Pressure to everyone involved in A Moment In Time! This better be worth the wait. Are you excited to watch A Moment In Time on Valentines Day? Do you have a date already?