The Cinemalaya 2013 Directors Showcase finalist Amor Y Muerte which literally means (Love and Death) have revealed their two leads, Althea Vega ( Diablo) in her most daring role yet and the singer actor Marrki Stroem (Slumber Party) who was also in last year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Rumor has it the Markki Stroem’s role in the movie is going to include a frontal exposure. Amor Y Muerte is directed by Cesar Evangelista (Padre de pamilya) and penned by Jerry Gracio. The movie is set in the 16th century, an examination of the initial encounter between the Indios (natives) and their colonizers (Spaniards) and their conflicting views on love, passion, religion and sexuality. Amor Y Muerte is also starring Mico Palanca, Jun-Jun Quintana, Kuya Manzano, Amante Pulido and Ms. Ama Quiambao.

We are still not sure but based on the lead’s appearances Vega will likely play an indio and Stroem, a spaniard. But then, how would his frontal exposure come to be if he’s not in loincloth? lol.Anyway, this sounds like an epic film and sends us back to history lane during the times where Lapu-Lapu fought against Magellan. It brings images of the recent TV commercial about baby diapers in mind.

AMOR Y MUERTE, is an entry to Cinemalaya 2013 which will start on July 26 to August 4, 2013 at CCP theaters, Greenbelt, and Trinoma cinemas!