Here’s an exciting news for fans of the ex-couple Anne Curtis and Sam Milby. Apparently, Dingdong Dantes who was reportedly the first choice of Viva Entertainment for a comedy romance project has been replaced by actor Sam Milby. Three years after their break-up and three long years after Curtis and Milby’s first movie (Babe, I Love You), the two will grace the big screen once again in Chris Martinez’ The Gifted.

We are not yet sure what The Gifted means but it sure does sound like either one of the lead characters is going to be gifted. What the hell. But in what sense? Is the ‘gifted’ in The Gifted movie some sort of mental condition? A gift like a present you give to someone for a reason or a physical attribute? Maybe it’s the latter because this upcoming comedy romance is a sexy film as well. But still, I’m not convinced. Let’s just wait for the movie to learn in what way whoever is ‘gifted’.

No more casting news about this film has reached our awareness but director Chris Martinez tweeted that another major actress is joining Sam and Anne. But who? I think we’ll have to wait until mid this year to have an answer to that because the movie is set of a later release date. But if we may ask, who do you want to cast along with Anne Curtis and Sam Milby?

You are free to mention any major actress in the comment section below except for Cristine Reyes or Andi Eigenmann because of a very apparent reason. :-p