Star Cinema may be a disappointment with all the romance offerings they have early of this year but Viva Films has my support for all the risks they’ve been taking and are willing to take. And while the start is quite of a bumpy ride witngs such as h offeriMenor De Edad and The Fighting Chefs early this year at least we know they are headed to a different path.

As of the latest offering from Viva, we heard that they are working on a remake of the 1983 film Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi by Danny Zialcita which starred Dindo Fernando, Laurice Guillen, Janice de Belen, Alvin Enriquez, Tommy Alvarado, Eddie Garcia and Gloria Diaz. For the remake, I’m glad they didn’t change the title and are willing to bet on it.

I mean, when was the last time we had a tagalog title for a mainstream Filipino movie?

Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi movie will unite Cristine Reyes (No Other Woman) and Andi Eigenmann (A Secret Affair) and I have nothing against that. You might be thinking about some sort of ‘other woman’ crossover with Cristine and Andi on the cast but Andi Eigenmann said she won’t do the same role in a row. In an article by Viva Entertainment, the 22-year-old actress said she’s going to play a less daring character.

Andi Eigenmann“For me, I don’t care about being daring or not. That’s not a must for me. And I wouldn’t be also branded by it just because I did daring or one specific thing, lagi na lang ‘yun ang ginagawa ko. Kasi gusto ko magkaroon ako ng opportunity na maipakita ko kung ano ang kaya ko.” – Andi Eigenmann

She will be playing the role that Janice de Belen played on the original film which is the daughter of one of the lead characters. That doesn’t mean Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi movie isn’t another “other woman” movie because it is. In fact the classic film made history via Laurice Guillen’s lines . . .“Ikaw pala. Ikaw pala ang sinasabi ng asawa ko na asawa mo na asawa ng bayan!”.

Meanwhile, actor Gabby Concepcion will play the role of Dindo Fernando who will be involved with three different women of which characters that will be played by Alice Dixson, Cristine Reyes and Dina Bonnevie.