Actress Alma Concepcion who is best known for her leading lady roles in 90’s pinoy comedies, sexy films and for the horror film Manananggal in Manila, is coming back to the big screen via the Cinemalaya entry BABAGWA The Spider’s Lair.

This finalist to the New Breed category of Cinemalaya 2013 is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana. Babagwa (The Spider’s Lair) is about an internet scammer who falls in love with a rich old maid while trying to swindle her using a fake Facebook profile. Aside from Ms. Alma Concepcion, the movie stars Alex Vincent Medina and Kiko Matos on two of the leading roles. Supporting cast includes Chanel Boom Latorre, Sunshine Teodoro, Chase Cervera and Nico Antonio (Posas).

While Ms. Alma Concepcion has been quite visible to the boob tube via noontime shows from GMA-7 last year, she’s been on a long hiatus in film with her last film being the R-18 Filipino movie ‘Tag-Init‘ in 2004. And after almost a decade, she’s back into the big screen.

Babagwa movie is backed by Quantum Films and Kamaru Productions. The 9th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival will be held within a 10-day run showcasing new indie films from July 26 to August 4, 2013 at the CCP theaters, Trinoma, and Greenbelt Cinemas.