From his indie roots, the art of filmmaking is totally flowing in the veins of Coco Martin that he got into conceptualizing a May-December romance between him and Ms. Gretchen Barretto for a movie project. Actually, I think anyone who’ll get involve in filmmaking would have the idea of conceptualizing a movie project most especially if you have a big crush on the actor you wish to opposite in your dream project. And I think that’s one of the reasons why Coco pitched an idea to Gretchen who recently joined the cast of Coco’s top rating ‘Juan Dela Cruz’.

During Gretchen Barretto’s guesting on the Sunday gossip show ‘The Buzz’, she revealed that Coco was trying to pitch a movie project with her. And being on a point in her life where she does not want to plan anything Barretto said “Lahat ng mga proyekto na dumating sa akin, puro magaganda. Basta na lang nahulog sa akin. So I feel like if we are meant to do a movie with Coco, I’d gladly do it,”.

I believe the ‘May-December’ love affair is interesting as a film concept. And it’s going to be doubly interesting to have Coco Martin and Gretchen Barretto star on that film. But if it were to land into the hands of Star Cinema, if ever Martin decides to write or seek help in writing it, I don’t think it would spark interest to ordinary people. Therefore, it has a tendency to flop big time in the box office. Coco may be the hottest star of this generation but his movies ‘Born To Love You and A Moment in Time didn’t do well in the box office.

However, if it were to be competed in a film festival it has the chance of getting all the attention from indie film punks, film critics and may even get international awards. 😉

I’m simply saying, Coco should return to the indie scene and the more he should return because Gretchen Barretto has just checked-in via The Diplomat Hotel.

What do you think of a Coco Martin and Gretchen Barretto movie?