Fearless Productions, Inc., Brownsugar Entertainment, Viva Films readies for their upcoming movie entitled ‘Coming Soon’. A film about six friends from different social classes joined together by a common interest. . .a happy life! Andi Eigenmann topbills this movie as a rebellious daughter of a socialite. While Boy2 Quizon takes the shoes of the most unlikely leader of the group yet actually steps up to be the leader. His name is Sikyu and he’s probably the only leader who doesn’t have any plans in life. At least that’s how his character was written.

Dominic Roco (Ang Nawawala) has been cast as the stereotypical hopeless romantic computer geek, Darwin, who from the trailer actually delivers with his apt facial expressions. Glaiza De Castro plays Sab, the serious and probably the most systematic type. Newcomer Cholo Barretto got the name of Nacho, a good company who seems to like odd things in life. And finally, Carla Humpries is back as a starlet who just wants to get applauded and nothing more.

With their differences, what could it possibly be that made them friends? And what the hell does apocalypse have to do in this film? What does the title ‘Coming Soon’ even imply? Will this finally be the ultimate pinoy barkada movie after ‘Bagets’, ‘Gimik’ and ‘Trip’? We’ll see this April 17, 2013. Coming Soon is directed by Martin Rey Aviles.

It also features surprising cameo appearances from actors on different TV networks. We have Vice Ganda, Solenn Heussaff, Raymond Gutierrez, the back of Chito Miranda (lol), Michelle Madrigal, Ricky Davao, Bubbles Paraiso, John Estrada, Antonio Aquitania, Alice Dixson, Mark Herras and David Callum.

What do you think of Coming Soon? 🙂