A few weeks ago, Rufa Mae Quinto guested in the top-rating late night comedy Gandang Gabi Vice and mentioned that she will return to the big screen this year via Marlon Rivera’s Ang Huling Henya movie. Comedian Vice Ganda teased Rufa about her way of talking and asked if the actress will ever get a serious role.

“Ngayon palang daw! Si Direk Marlon, second movie nya after nyang gumawa ng ‘Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank’. […] Pipilitin ko mag-woworkshop ako, serious film, with serious stars, co-stars, leading man, women, serious director, seriously.” said Rufa Mae Quinto

While she did not reveal any more details about the film in a separate interview she said she will be prioritizing the movie and will limit her tv appearances. Now it sounds like she’s really serious about this! 🙂

Rufa Mae’s most recent film project was Temptation Island where she played Nympha. She was best known for her B sexy comedy movies Booba and Super-B. The title, ‘Ang Huling Henya’ suggests that this is going to be a comedy with a post-apocalyptic elements? In the director’s most recent update from Instagram he shared a photo of himself with a zombie (who eerily looked like Tin Patrimonio).

Director Marlon Rivera with Zombie

Ang Huling Henya‘ is starring Rufa Mae Quinto, Edgar Allan Guzman, Fabio Ide, Jovic Susim, Dj Durano, Manilyn Reynes, Kean Cipriano and Georgina Wilson.