Never been kissed! We just got our hands to a leaked screen capture of Sarah Geronimo’s first on-screen smooch with John Lloyd Cruz, on what looks like – SPOILER ALERT – a wedding scene or may be a ‘dream wedding sequence’ in movie It Takes A Man and A Woman. Ever since the first movie of Sarah and John Lloyd, everyone entertained the thought that the two would do a kissing scene but two movies have passed, including Sarah’s movies with Gerald Anderson and nothing happened.

Well, the characters of Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro actually had a kissing scene in You Changed My Life but it was faked. It was as fake as the kissing scenes Sarah did with Gerald Anderson on the films ”Catch Me I’m in Love” and “Won’t Last A Day Without You“. But then, that’s not what everyone wants to see anyway.

What everyone wants and what would make everyone very happy is to see Sarah Geronimo finally do a kissing scene with one of her leading men. Why? Why, because it is so not her! And we have long dreamed of that moment and after 5 years, she finally did!

Sarah Geronimo shares her first online kiss. Here it is!


sarah geronimo first kiss

In a news report about Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz’ third movie, Sarah expressed that she is somewhat ready to do a kissing scene on screen, although she still has apprehensions.

“Half of my heart ready na at half of my heart hindi pa. Parang hindi ko pa makita ang sarili ko na nakikita ng buong tao na nakikipag-kiss ako. Pero naniniwala ako sa galing ng direktor namin,” Geronimo said, referring to director Cathy Garcia-Molina.

She also said that even if she feels ready, she still needs to consult with her parents and her manager if it’s about the right time to do it. Apparently, everything went accordingly and this ‘event’ ultimately makes us wanna go and watch It Takes A Man and A Woman even more!

Are you happy that Sarah Geronimo finally shared her first on-screen kiss? We can’t wait to hear from Sarah Geronimo about this kiss.

Image Credits to The Scoop Box.

Source: The Scoop Box