So much fuss all for the wuss! What was once deprived of the box office success is going to give it another shot as they bank on another mistress storyline in The Bride and The Lover. Unlike Regal Entertainment’s My Neighbor’s Wife which went against the mega blockbuster movie ‘No Other Woman’, the approach this time is comedy, retuning the overall tone into a parody of all mistress movies with leather-thick lines like “I’ll strangle her with my Hermes scarf. Ang mahal ng Hermes ah!“, sex, confrontations and Carmi Martin.

The Bride and The Lover movie stars Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino caught between Lovi Poe and Jennylyn Mercardo. The only good thing about this is that Paulo Avelino, the man torn between a bride and a lover, actually talks in this film kicking the ass of the Derek Ramsay stereotype who was seen in recent mistress movies No Other Woman and A Secret Affair. Avelino’s film character is self-aware of the crazy shit bastard that he is.

Another good thing is that Regal Films didn’t release any detailed plot summary for this movie. Finally, they realized that they’ve been the spoilers of their own movies. The movie is also starring Alex Castro, Hayden Kho, Tim Yap, Joem Bascon, Arron Villaflor, Kat Alano, Carla Dunareanu, Cai Cortez, Carlo Gonzales, Ariel Ureta, Timmy Cruz, Buboy Garovillo and Tom Rodriguez.

The Bride and The Lover movie hits theaters on May 1. Directed by Joel Lamangan, you are cordially invited to another tried-and-tested Mistress movie of the year!

Are you excited for The Bride and The Lover? 🙂