I can tell you a hundred reasons why you should watch It Takes A Man and A Woman but this third installment of the Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz romcom franchise only needs five. First of all, I’d like you to know that the movie A Very Special Love is special to me because it’s the first movie I’ve watched with my very special love. And after a not-so happy ending for us, it changed my life! The movie became less of the movie it was and I became more critical. Next thing I know this blog happened.

This is just to say that, nostalgia and emotions aside, the Cathy Garcia Molina movie offered a romantic comedy that is comparable to an old Marikina shoe. It may be strong but only within a scope and its budget. The first movie did not stray away from the formula but the ‘kilig’ moments worked like magic all throughout. The sequel managed to be better for most parts as it changed for the better. The characters matured and their decisions didn’t fall under the tricks of love in movies. It was far more realistic, more layered and the story was more involving.

Having established those, one of the five reasons why you should watch It Takes A Man and A Woman is that it feels more realistic than ever. Happy endings may have been around in the past two movies but this new Sarah-John Lloyd movies scratches off the happy endings they’ve had by telling us that Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas didn’t actually end together.

But why? That’s my number two reason. The movie keeps one big question unanswered and will leave everyone guessing what triggered the breakup. It gives a certain mystery which has totally changed the lives of our two leads. And this leads me to my third reason! Enter Laida Magtalas version 2.0 and Miggy Montenegro with a new girlfriend played by Isabelle Daza. That’s certainly something everyone least expected when Star Cinema confirmed a third movie for John Lloyd and Sarah. That simply means, we’ll get introduced to updated versions of Miggy and Laida which I find exciting.

With new versions for the lead characters, the acting prowess of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz will be put to challenge and so will their chemistry after 4 years. Yes, 4 years and they didn’t even carry on where the previous film, You Changed My Life, left us. There’s a leap in time which might turn the formula upside down. And that’s my fourth reason!

Lastly, it’s a Cathy Garcia Molina movie. She may have some hits and misses on her filmography, but she never failed to make a movie that has not become the talk of the town. The writing on most of her films is inspired and after 4 years, I’m damn sure we’re gonna have her most inspired work after One More Chance, given of course this is the last of the franchise! Well, I hope. Still, no matter how exciting It Takes A Man and A Woman seems to be I’m gonna lower down my expectations. That’s how you’ll enjoy a Star Cinema produced Filipino romantic comedy! 🙂