Author: armand

How Filipinos Killed Their Own Cinema

Filipino Cinema is dying. The killer? Us. I should begin in telling that this is a theory that have been triumphantly dominating my brain. The few functioning braincells in it have amiably ceased battling, because 1.) they’re outsized, and 2.) they have low IQ levels. Remember that this is coming from a seventeen year-old moviegoer, who doesn’t know everything about cinema – but he does know this. This article isn’t about me. I wouldn’t attack my keyboard just to reveal an obvious fact, my inexperience and dimwitness. This article is about Philippine Cinema and its slow, painful death. This is an...

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Theatrical Release for ‘The Grave Bandits’ to Come Early This Year

Zombie suckers, rejoice. Sometime this spring, Tyrone Acierto’s undead flick The Grave Bandits is going to have its wider theatrical run, word came from our brother blog Film Police. This is in line with the movie’s planned VOD release in the same time of the year. So far, no word has made official as to when exactly the release is and as to who’s distributing it commercially. Directed by Acierto, the movie is well-known for its great photography and engaging charisma that it trumps on other competent MMFF-New Wave entries like Al Ignorantiam and In Nomine Matris. Acierto also penned the picture....

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